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    Trip to Copper Canyon, Mexico

Ken, Ken,
Ann, Pat,
(on the way
to Sierra
  • Journey Logo  Journeys International (Adventure Travel Agent), Pat Ballard, Sales Director, 4011 Jackson Rd., Ann Arbor MI 48103, 313-665-4407, 800-255-8735, FAX: 313-665-2945,
  • Copper Canyon Lodges, 2741 Paldan Dr., Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326, 800-776-3942
  • (Copper Canyon Sierra Lodge, Copper Canyon) or (Copper Canyon Riverside Lodge, Batopilas), P.O. Box 3, Creel, Chihuahua 33200, Mexico, Phone: 145-6-01-79


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Here are
Mexico trip
from my
2000 GPS:

Sierra Lodge, Cusarare (SE of Creel) 27 36 39 N 107 33 07 W
Riverside Hotel, Batopilas (roof patio) 27 01 28 107 44 20
Church near Hotel San Francisco, Chihuahua 28 38 23 106 04 26
Train Station, Creel 27 40 39 107 40 00
Mission Cusarare, NE of Sierra Lodge 27 36 53 107 30 27
Mission, Satevo (lost Mission), SE of Batopilas 26 59 31 107 42 51
Cascada Cusarare (waterfall), NW of Sierra Lodge 27 37 15 107 34 25
Silver Mine, NW of Batopilas (100 MTR east of mine) 27 02 10 107 44 42



The following pictures were scanned at 100 DPI from 4x6 photos, cropped, color adjusted, and compressed.
The JPG compression was "50" to "85" which reduced these graphics to about 20 % of their original size.
Why? To make them load faster. Some detail was sacrificed
Near Sierra Lodge.

On the porch at Sierra Lodge.

Buying silver jewelry in Batopilas.


Buying silver jewelry in Batopilas.

Judy at a cave home, near Sierra Lodge.

Arrival at Sierra Lodge.

Ken & Pat - trip from Sierra Lodge to Batopilas.

Woman & livestock near Mission Cusarare

Rooting Pigs near the Mission Cusarare.

"Sierra" & "Puppy" at Sierra Lodge.


Sierra Lodge is at the base of this hill.

Man in traditional Tarahumara dress.

Selling crafts along the trail to the falls (Cascada Cusarare).


Street in Batopilas.

Downtown Batopilas.

Sierra Lodgeon the right (Two images stitched together).

Collecting fire wood, in the hills above Batopilas.

Santa Maria Madre de Bios. Wall painting in the Riverside Lodge, Batopilas.


Downtown Batopilas.

Tarahumara girl sellingcrafts on
the porch at the Sierra Lodge.

The road to Batopilas, from the
roof seat ofthe car.

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