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February 2002

 Edited: 08/25/18 11:47 AM

Images and Panoramas of Oahu from 2/6/2002 to 2/15/2002
Canon S300 digital camera.   Panorama Factory image stitcher.

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0202HI 1536x1158.jpg (322898 bytes)
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1179-1188.jpg (292705 bytes)
View of Waikiki from Aina Moana State Park

1123-1126.jpg (898985 bytes)
Panorama view of Waikiki Beach at the Hilton Village

1255-1258.jpg (112451 bytes)
Panorama view of Waikiki Beach from the pier at the Outrigger Reef Hotel

1128-1136.jpg (166667 bytes)
Panorama view of Waikiki from a pier

1138-1141.jpg (149811 bytes)
Waikiki Beach

1150-1151.jpg (48785 bytes)

1157-1158.jpg (76212 bytes)
Waterfall hike above Honolulu

1160-1161a.jpg (48368 bytes)

1331-1334.jpg (121993 bytes)
Hike above Honolulu

1272-1279.jpg (152205 bytes)
Panorama view of Honolulu from the observation point at Diamond Head

1357-1360.jpg (151414 bytes)

Panorama view of Hanauma Bay

1143-1148.jpg (96611 bytes)
Panorama view of the Edgewater Hotel before it was torn down

1416-1423.jpg (139957 bytes)
Panorama view of the pool at the Ohana Waikiki Tower Hotel

1433-1437.jpg (138761 bytes)
Lobby of the Ohana Waikiki Tower Hotel

1467-1468.jpg (78837 bytes)
Panorama view inside the surf shop at Haleiwa, Oahu

1486-1487.jpg (44231 bytes)
Kailua Beach Park

1488-1495.jpg (181378 bytes)
Panorama view of Kailua Beach Park

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