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These four panels are carved into the side of a Celtic Cross (c. 1000 AD) at Monasterboice, co. Loath.
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Trip to Ireland - Photos
May 2002
with Best of Ireland - Rick Steves'
Ireland: 5/26/2002 - 6/8/2002
London: 6/8/2002 - 6/12/2002

Video of Ireland Panoramas of Ireland Images of Ireland
Ireland Itinerary Where We Stayed Images of London

Approximate Trip Route - Click this map for the Google Map

Trip route - Rick Steves

 This Canon S300 digital camera captured these images and video.
1150 digital photos and video clips were taken on this trip.
Stop back again.  More images / video will be posted.

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 Kyla Gurganus (July 2002)
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Rick Steves' Best of Ireland Tour
Kris & Spikes' trip to Ireland, 2000

Group Photo, by Pat & Stephen
BACK - Jeremy, Marie, Barbara, Nicky, David, Rick, Carolyn, David, Sarah, Rex, Diane, Christine, Chuck, Nancy, George, Stephen (guide), Marilyn
KNEELING - Donna, Richard, Kristen, Katie, Lani, Teresa, Chris, Taber
FRONT - Pat (guide)

Video of Ireland
Click the image to see the video
I took some video & sound clips with my digital camera and I have converted them to MPEG1 format.

Pub Crawl, Temple Bar, Dublin - video, 12 seconds, 738KB.

Loom Weaving Wool Tweed, Donegal, 473KB, 8 seconds
Hurling practice, Northern Ireland - video, 28 seconds, 1527KB.

Farewell Dinner Song, Dublin, 10 seconds, 543KB



Panoramas of Ireland
Click the image for FULL size, then scroll right (or down) to see the whole image.
Two to twelve 2-megapixel images were stitched together (Panorama Factory) for each panorama.
Each full size image has been resized to 1/2 mega pixel.

1633-1640_5E5_q85.jpg (110898 bytes)
Gravity Bar View, Guinness Tour, Dublin

1691-1702 5E5 q85.jpg (138322 bytes)
Trinity College, Parliament Square, Dublin 
(360+40 degrees)
1720-1727_5E5_q85.jpg (135930 bytes)
Harding Hotel, Our first and last hotel, 
Fishamble Street at Lord Edward Street,
1772-1775 5E5.jpg (115734 bytes)
City Hall, Dublin
1844_1846 5E5.jpg (161897 bytes)
This lake gave up a bottle of Irish Whiskey.  
Glendalough, County Wicklow.
1863-1869_5E5_q85.jpg (116065 bytes)
Kilkenny Castle, Kilkenny
1960-1964_5E5_q85.jpg (102451 bytes)
Our Bus at a stop on the Dingle Peninsula
1986-1990 5E5.jpg (112188 bytes)
Taber and the landscape of the 
Dingle Peninsula
1993_2005 5E5.jpg (162043 bytes)
Lunch Stop at a pub.  Dingle Penninsula.
2030-2031_5E5_q85.jpg (113869 bytes)
Store fronts in Dingle

2109-2113_5E5_q85.jpg (116333 bytes)
Hiking by Dingle Bay

2182-2183 5E6.jpg (162781 bytes)
On our way to the worm hole on 
Aran Island

2188-2190_5E5_15.jpg (148099 bytes)
Wormhole on Aran Island

2199-2201 5E5.jpg (157011 bytes)
We returned to our bikes after the 
hike to the worm hole on Aran Island

2248-2250 5E5.jpg (156789 bytes)
Peat cutting field in County Mayo?

2294-2296 5E5 q70.jpg (89573 bytes)
Derry, Northern Ireland

2300-2302 5E5 q70.jpg (394139 bytes)
Derry - Catholic Republican,  "Free Derry", 
Northern Ireland
2307-2308 5E5 q70.jpg (104454 bytes)
Londonderry, Protestant Loyalist, 
"West Bank Loyalists Still Under Siege
No Surrender", Northern Ireland

2365-66 5E5.jpg (179692 bytes)
Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland

2386-2397 5E5 q70.jpg (72104 bytes)
  Photo taken from Carrick-a-Rede Island,
at the north end of the 60 ft rope bridge.
North Antrim Coastal Path, 
east of Ballintoy, Northern Ireland. 
Scotland in the background, 360 degrees
2430-2431 5E5 70q.jpg (96347 bytes)
Dunluce Castle, North Antrim Coast,
Northern Ireland
2434-2435 5E5 q70.jpg (92921 bytes)
Dunluce Castle
2439-2442 5E5 q70.jpg (120617 bytes)
Sea cave below Dunluce Castle
2447-2448 5E5.jpg (114206 bytes)
Queen's University, Belfast,
Northern Ireland
2486-2491c 5E5.jpg (137527 bytes)
The Crown Saloon, with gas lights, 
2519-2521 5E5 q70.jpg (123507 bytes)
Round tower at Monasterboice, Co. Loath.


Images of Ireland
Click the image for FULL size
Two mega pixel images have been size reduced to about 1/4 mega pixel.

Img_1628.jpg (38423 bytes)
Display of Guinness packaging history, Guinness Tour,  Dublin

Img_1629.jpg (28530 bytes)
Model, Guinness Brewery, Dublin

The pouring and waiting process, Guinness Tour, Dublin

Img_1653.jpg (46862 bytes)
O'Connell Street, Dublin 

Img_1673.jpg (49426 bytes)
O'Connell Street, Dublin

O'Connell Street, Dublin


In front of Trinity College,

Shoes found in a peat bog. 
National Museum, Dublin

Street musicians. 
Grafton Street, Dublin

Brownstone, Dublin

Ruins are outlined in the cobblestone. Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin

Pub Crawl. Temple Bar, Dublin

Kilmainham Gaol, Dublin

Gardens at Powerscourt, County Wicklow

Celtic monastery (c. 500AD), founded by Saint Kevin, round 
tower, Glendalough

Ruins at Glendalough

C_L_Erin.gif (23922 bytes)
GPS tracks from my Garmin GPS

Ruins at Glendalough

Lake at Glendalough


Pat pouring some Irish Whiskey.
Lake at Glendalough

The Club-House Hotel, Kilkenny

Rock of Cashel

Thatch cottages in Adare, County Limerick

Thatch cottages in Adare, County Limerick

Thatch cottages in Adare, County Limerick

Area map, Limerick

Ruins ..., Dingle Peninsula

Cliffs ..., Dingle Peninsula

Map of Dingle Peninsula ...

Ruins ..., Dingle Peninsula

Gallarus Oratory (c. 700AD), Dingle Peninsula.

Sample daily itinerary

Restaurant, Dingle

Dick Mack's Pub, Dingle


Img_2135.jpg (51188 bytes)
The Dough Dodgers, 1956, from a pub in Kilrush, County Clare

Catholic shrine, 
Dingle Peninsula 

Portal Dolmen

Color Coded Sheep

Tidal Flora, Aran Island

Tidal Flora, Aran Island

Img_2181.jpg (53520 bytes)
The walk to the worm hole, Aran Island


Flora, Aran Island

Dun Angus ruins and cliffs,
Inishmore, Aran Island

The College Crest Guest House, Galway

Kylemore Abbey, Connemara, 
County Galway

Famine Memorial ...

Weaving Wool Tweed, Donegal

Wool Tweed For Sale, Donegal

Place your hands here and ..., 
Derry, Northern Ireland

Londonderry /Derry, 
Northern Ireland

On the way to Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway

Old Bushmills Distillery, 
Northern Ireland

Whiskey tasting at Old Bushmills, Northern Ireland

Rope bridge, Carrick-a-Rede, Northern Ireland

Steven's Hurling Class ...

Hurling class ...

Dunluce Castle, inhabited until 1639 when the kitchen fell into the sea, North Antrim Coast, N.I.

The Troubles, Ulster Freedom Fighters (UFF), Ulster Defense Association (UDA), loyalist heartland, quis separabit = who will separate us, Shankill Road, Belfast

The Troubles, Shankill Road, Belfast

The Troubles, Sinn Féin is an Irish Republican party. The objective is to end British rule in Ireland. They seek national self-determination, the unity and independence of Ireland as a sovereign state. Belfast

IMG_2481.JPG (46617 bytes)
Bobby Sands died May 5 1981 on hunger strike, Mural, Sinn Fein Building, Belfast

Bangers 'n' mash.  
The best meal that I had in Ireland.
The Crown Saloon, Belfast

The Crown Saloon, Belfast

Entrance to The Crown Saloon, Belfast.  "This is your Irish opportunity to trample the English Crown"

Gas Light, The Crown Saloon, Belfast

The Titanic was built in Belfast.  This display shows who survived, by class of passenger and crew.

The DeLorean was built in Belfast.
Folk & Transport Museum, Belfast

Brownstone, Belfast

Passage Graves, Bru Na Boinne,
Newgrange, County Meath

Market, Dublin

Market, Dublin

Farewell Dinner, Dublin






Ireland Itinerary

Our first and last hotel was at the Harding Hotel

View Larger Map
Date Day Day #    
26 May Sunday 1 Arrive in Dublin — Meet with your guides and fellow tour members at our hotel at 5:00 p.m. We’ll make introductions and kick off our tour with a short walk together. Sleep in Dublin (2 nights). No bus. Walking: light. Harding Hotel
27 May Monday 2 The heart of Dublin — Ireland’s historic capital is easy on foot. This morning we’ll meet our local guide for a walking tour of Dublin, followed by a visit to the beautiful Book of Kells. Then you’ll have free time to soak in Dublin’s grand Georgian past, and feel the pulse of a town center thriving with street poets and musicians. Tonight we’ll gather for a fun pub dinner. No bus. Walking: moderate. Harding Hotel
28 May Tuesday 3 To Kilkenny via Wicklow Mountains — We’ll visit Kilmainham Gaol for a pint of Ireland’s stirring struggle for independence. Then it’s on to the beautiful Wicklow Mountains, where we’ll visit the lush Powerscourt Gardens. After lunch we’ll drive to the ruins of St. Kevin’s Monastery at Glendalough (remember the Braveheart wedding scene?) and end our day in the medieval town of Kilkenny, where we’ll sleep (1 night). Bus: 4-5 hours. Walking: moderate to strenuous. Club House Hotel
29 May Wednesday 4 To Dingle Peninsula — Today we’ll see the evocative ruins of the Rock of Cashel, an important ecclesiastical center from the age of St. Patrick. We’ll end our day in Dingle, where we’ll enjoy one of the best traditional Irish music scenes in Ireland. Sleep in Dingle (3 nights). Bus: 5-6 hours. Walking: light to moderate.  Alpine Guest House
30 May Thursday 5 All day on Dingle Peninsula — Today we’ll experience some of Europe’s wildest natural beauty and most ancient Christian sights. Our local guide will take us on the famous Slea Head Drive, our vote for the most beautiful road in Ireland. Visiting the Blasket Islands Heritage Centre, we get an intimate look at a traditional Irish community. Tonight we’re back at our home village, Dingle, with as much dancing and singing with new friends as you can handle. Bus: 4 hours. Walking: moderate.  Alpine Guest House
31 May Friday 6 Free day on Dingle Peninsula — Today is all yours... free on the Dingle Peninsula. You could take a long walk, hire a bicycle or a horse, sail to the Blasket Islands, or just savor your Irish breakfast and hang out in town. No bus. Walking: light to strenuous (your choice).  Alpine Guest House
1 June Saturday 7 To Galway — On our way to Galway, we’ll see the dramatic end-of-Europe Cliffs of Moher and drive through the fascinating limestone moonscape of the Burren. Tonight we’ll enjoy a banquet dinner in a castle. Sleep in Galway (2 nights). Bus: 6 hours. Walking: light.  College Crest Guest House
2 June Sunday 8 Free day in Galway — A free day in Galway, boomtown of western Ireland, with an opportunity to sail to the Aran Islands or simply poke around Galway’s colorful streets. No bus. Walking: light to strenuous (your choice).  College Crest Guest House
3 June Monday 9 Connemara and Donegal — Today we’ll drive through the Connemara region, enjoying the beautiful Irish countryside and its small-town charms. Then it’s north to Donegal, where we’ll settle in for the evening. Sleep in Donegal (1 night). Bus: 5 hours. Walking: light to moderate. Westport Inn
4 June Tuesday 10 To Northern Ireland — Today we go international, driving to the north coast of Northern Ireland. On our way, we’ll stop in Derry, where a local guide will enlighten us about “the Troubles.” We’ll then continue onto our hometown of Portrush, the “Coney Island of Ulster.” Sleep in Portrush (2 nights). Bus: 4 hours. Walking: moderate.  Peninsula Hotel
5 June Wednesday 11 Antrim Coast — The spectacular Antrim Coast, including the bizarre basalt columns of the Giant’s Causeway and the cliff-hanging Dunluce Castle are ours to explore today. We’ll also make time for a tour and wee sample at the venerable Old Bushmills Distillery. Bus: 3-4 hours. Walking: moderate to strenuous.  Peninsula Hotel
6 June Thursday 12 To Belfast — Today we’ll drive to the capital city of the North: Belfast. A well organized half-day of sightseeing gives us an appreciation for the progress being made as Ireland learns to live together. Sleep in Belfast (1 night). Bus: 4 hours. Walking: light.  Benedicts Hotel
7 June Friday 13 Return to Dublin — Today we’ll leave Northern Ireland and drive south to the Bru na Boinne Valley, where we’ll visit a passage tomb, the oldest sign of civilization in Europe. Then it’s on to Dublin, where we’ll enjoy a farewell supper and sleep at our original hotel (1 night). Bus: 4 hours. Walking: light.  Harding Hotel
8 June Saturday 14 Tour over — Your tour is over after breakfast. Fly out of Dublin’s handy airport or take the ferry to Wales for further adventures in the British Isles. Sláinte!  


Where We Stayed

Harding Hotel 26 Su
27 M
7 F
Copper Alley, Fishamble Street, Christchurch Dublin 2
Ph: 011-353-1-679-6500, FAX: 679-6504
Club House Hotel 28 Tu Patrick Street, Kilkenny
Ph: 011-353-562-1994  FAX: 567-1920
Alpine Guest House 29 W
30 Th
31 F
Dingle, County Kerry
Ph: 011-353-66-915-1250  FAX: 66-915-1966
College Crest Guest House 1 Sa
2 Su
5 College Road, Galway
Ph: 011-353-91-564-744  FAX: same
Westport Inn 3 M Mill Street, Westport, County Mayo
Ph: 011-353-98-292-00  FAX: 98-292-50
Peninsula Hotel 4 Tu
5 W
15 Eglinton Street
Portrush, Northern Ireland, BT56 8DX, Great Britain
Ph: 011-44-2870-822-293  FAX: 2870-824-315
Benedicts Hotel 6 Th 7-21 Bradbury Place, Shaftsbury Square, Belfast, Northern Ireland, BT7 1RQ, Great Britain
Ph: 011-44-2890-591-999  FAX: 2890-591-990


Images of London
(not a part of the Rick Steves' trip)
Click the image for FULL size
Two mega pixel images have been size reduced to about 1/4 mega pixel.

My Notting Hill Comfort Inn 
Hotel. London

Goddards Pie House, Greenwich

They think they are standing on the 
prime meridian.  It's 100 feet away. 

Img_2619 25E4 q70.jpg (50812 bytes)
Parliament / Big Ben from
Millennium wheel

Millennium Wheel

Near Big Ben, London

Covered motorcycles, London

Henry the 8th's armor,
Tower of London

Model of the Tower of London

Covent Gardens, London

Carnaby Street, London

One of many internet cafes in London

3/4/03 Added Dunluce Castle Panoramas, Canon S330 icon.
3/7/03  Added Monansterboice panels, change millennium wheel photo. Add Derry / Londonderry panoramas. Text added to Parliament Square panorama.
3/8/03 added Carrick-a-Rede  panorama.
3/9/03 Round tower at Monasterboice panorama. Derry panorama. Dunluce castle panorama. Bobby Sands.
3/29/03 Color correct group photo

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