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 808 Car Keys Micro Camera Review
hope it can help your life safe and happiness

808 #16 Camera
The #16 is one version of the 808 car keys micro camera.
720p H.264 video in AVI or MOV. Three lens options. 
It has the best support of all the 808 720p cameras at the RCGroups forum.
See Tom Frank's RC #16 forum.

Table of Contents
#16 First Report
#16 Available
#16 Forum
#16 Fake
#16 Reviews

808 #16 Links
INSTRUCTIONS - 808 #16 instruction manuals (UK, DE, FR), firmware and Nr16Setup.
RADIO CONTROL - Tom Frank's RCGroups 808 #16 forum.  Great information.  To search this forum you must sign-up at RCGroups (free).  Do not post off-topic.
RCGroups Comparison Isoprop's description of the 808 #11 and #16 differences.
REVIEWS - Video Reviews, YouTube etc. Techmoan
BATTERIES - Link to #16 batteries on eBay
SELLERS - Link to #16 cameras on eBay.
Buy a real #16.  There are fakes.  A real #16 camera uses H.264 video compression.  Takes MOV or AVI video.  Does not have 4 LED holes in the case.  Does not use MJPG video compressions.  Has almost no missing frames.  The delivered price is usually more than US$36.
eBay search for 808 #16
VARIANT V3 - 131231 808 #16 V3 released
SEARCH - Google search of 808 #16
POWER - "The definite guide to power connectors, charging, and other power related questions" by Isoprop.
CAD - 3D printer and CAD related to the 808 #16  808 C16 J. Lemburg
SAMPLE - Sample frame-grabs (1280x720) from a #16 V1 D lens, Velcro mounted under the brim of a baseball hat.  The Glider Connection, Waialua, Oahu, HI. 131216 The Glider Connection 131216 The Glider Connection 131216 The Glider Connection 131216 The Glider Connection 131216 The Glider Connection 
Click a photo for full size
Mounting base. With a screw mount or ball mount. Will hold the 808 #16. Available on eBay. Mounting-Base-Screw-Mount-Holder-for-808-16-Car-Keychain-720P-Sports-Camera-New   Mount-Base-Holder-Adjustable-With-Bicycle-Tape-Suction-Mount-for-808-16-Camera

808 #16 Question & Answer (Q&A)
Q. Will the 808 #16 record an audio only file?
A. No.  However, if you record a video file (video + audio) and set the FPS very low, you will have a small video file with audio.  Then you can de-multiplex the video file to extract the audio stream into an audio file.  The 808 #16 configuration tool can be used to set the video FPS to 5, the minimum FPS.  See "de-multiplexing the MOV file".  

(separating the video and audio streams).
Q. MOV 720p and 5 FPS, what tools work to de-multiplex the MOV file?
It seems that all the video stream frames and all the audio stream is recorded to the MOV file.  However, the MOV file is incorrectly internally tagged as being 30 FPS (6 times faster than 5 FPS). 

During playback, here is the strange confusing part - The video file plays fast at 30 FPS, 6 times normal speed.  Only the first 1/6 of the audio plays, but a normal speed.  For example, consider a file recorded at 5 FPS in 6 minutes of real time.  It will have 1800 video frames. It will play at 30 FPS in 1 minute.
On many players the audio will only play for first 1 minute (16.7%), even though 6 minutes of audio is in the file.

A. Solveigmm De-Multiplexer
The video can be extracted as a 30 FPS filename.h264 H.264 file.  All frames extracted
The audio can be extracted as a filename.WAV file.  Only first 16.7% (1/6) gets extracted.  The extracted audio plays at the correct speed.

A. Quicktime Pro - De-Multiplexer
The video can be extracted as a 30 FPS filename.mp4 H.264 file.  All frames extracted.
The audio can be extracted to AIFF, AU or WAV. The audio plays at the correct speed. All audio is extracted.

140705 VIDEO-OUT, V2 vs. V3
Q. Is the video-out cable for the 808 #18 V2 the same as the V3?
A. No. See

Q. What could cause unreliable auto-record while using external USB power?
A.  Ken reported this problem to me - "Sometimes the #16 would turn on but the LEDs would flicker dimly and sometimes the LEDs would stay on. In either case the 808 was locked up and not recording".  Ken solved the problem by using a better USB cable.  The bad cable was unshielded.  The good cable has a foil shield and the shield was ground connected end-to-end. 

My comment - To avoid problems, the USB cable must have good power and ground conductors and the 5V source must be regulated. 

Many USB cables are unshielded, contain very small wires on power and ground, and are unreliable.  The 808 #16 uses up to 300 mA, so a good power and ground in the USB cable is necessary.  Always test your configuration with the best USB cable you have.  I have found that branded USB cables (HTC, Sprint, LG, etc) are usually the best. 

The USB 5V source must be compliant (4.75-5.25V), regulated and clean (low electrical noise).

Q. Are all video files produced by the 808 #16 compliant to the video standard?
A. No.  The #16 has at least 60 different video configurations possible. Three resolutions, five different FPS, two different mbps, and two different video formats MOV/AVI.  I have only tested a few and some configurations are not compliant. 

For example: MOV, 720p, 5FPS, 7mbps, 70 minute file (4200 seconds), date time stamp on.  Audio is PCM.  The MOV file contains 21000 (70*60*5) frames.  700 seconds of audio can be played so at least 700 seconds is present in the file.  I don't know if all 4200 seconds of audio is present in the file or if all of it can be played.
The good - All of the video frames are present in the video file and will play.
The bad - The video file is non-compliant and video players (WMP, VLC, KMPlayer) have a difficult time playing it.  Random access does not totally work.  It should play at 5 FPS for 4200 seconds but plays at 30FPS for 700 seconds (4200/6).  The video plays at 6X speed but the audio plays at 1X speed.  The first 700 seconds of audio plays at 1X speed.  I don't know if all 4200 seconds of audio is present in the file.  If present, I don't know how to extract or play all 4200 seconds of audio.

Random access can be restored by importing and exporting the MOV file through AVIdemux or Solveig Video Splitter.  I do not know how to modify the file to play at 5 FPS without re-encoding it.

Q. What is the longest video record time (the lowest video data rate), if external USB power is used?
A. About 4.2 MB per minute (239 minutes per GB, 5.3 days on 32GB). 
These times are empirical and approximate.  The longest video configuration (the lowest data rate) is 640x480, 5 FPS, 7 MbPS and no sound. 
Shortest recording will occur due to stationary camera and stationary subject, and daylight.  Longer recording will occur due to low light, or motion camera or motion subject.  NOTE - When recorded at 5 FPS, the MOV file internally says 30 FPS.  So every player plays back the MOV at 30 FPS.


Q. What is the shortest video record time (the highest video data rate), if external USB power is used?
A. About 54 MB per minute (18 minutes per GB, 9.6 hours on 32GB). 
These times are empirical and approximate. 
The shortest video configuration (the highest data rate) is 1280x720, 30 FPS, 10 MbPS, with sound.

Q. What camera configuration parameters effect the video recording time?
A. Resolution (1280x720, 848x480, 640x480).  FPS (5, 10, 15, 20, 30).  Bit rate (7, 10) megabits per second.   Sound or no-sound.

Q. If times-lapse photo mode is enabled and used, what is the data rate of the photos produced?
A. The data rate is about 0.4 to 94 MB per minute depending on the configured time-lapse period. 
The period can be configured 0.25 to 60 seconds (the FPS would be 0.0166 to 4 FPS). Empirically, each 1280x720 JPG photo will be about 390 KB (about 370 to 410 KB).  The first photo name is MINI0001.JPG, so there might be a limit of 9999 photos.  I don't know what happens after photo MINI9999.JPG.


Q. SDHC FAT32 flash cards up to 32 GB can be used.  Can a 64GB SDXC card be used in the 808 #16?
A. ISOPROP of the RCGROUPS 808 #16 forum says:   "If it's less than 64GB format to FAT32, if it's 64GB format to exFAT. Use in-camera formatting to format the card automatically to the correct format."

808 #16 Properties
141116 - The 808 #16 and the 808 #11 are reported to use the Omnivision OV9712 1280x800 image sensor.

140206 -  808 #16 battery sizes
There have been two #16 battery sizes.  The larger battery requires a thicker case.
402030 (4x20x30mm).
502030 (5x20x30mm).

If your camera has a 402030 you can get a thicker case and upgrade to a 502030 which will take a longer video and be a little heavier.
See this eBay description for an explanation 

130705 - Replaceable Camera Module
Lens D Module 120į for 808 #16 HD Car Key Camera Pocket Camcorder 720P Mini DVIf your 808 #16 camera records video and the image has strange colors like magenta, cyan or yellow then the damage might be in the internal camera module.  A new A, B or D camera module might fix it.  The camera module is available on eBay for about US$13 or less.

130604 - Internal Camera, Flat Cable Extension
The 808 #16 (and the 808 #26) have a socketed internal camera module with a 24 pin 0.5mm pitch flat cable. Cables are available to extend the flat cable from 2 to 30 inches.  The camera module is fragile.  Mechanical shock or bending the flat cable might damage it.

See Extending the Camera Flat Cable

120818 - #16 AOV FOV
The analysis by Tom Frank and Sparky Paul helps to clarify the confusion about AOV (angle of view) or FOV (field of view).

AOV, without additional explanation, depends on the context. It can mean diagonal, horizontal or vertical. Also it can mean the image the lens focuses or it can mean the image that intersects the image sensor array, or the image stored in the video file.

The #16v2 lens D might be able to create a focused image from 120 degrees but the sensor image and the resultant video file image is smaller.

Empirically, these are approximately the horizontal field of view in the video file for the #16v2 lenses.
A 52 degrees,  B 60 degrees, D 90 degrees

120726 - 808 #16 V2 with lens D - 120 degree
808 #16 v2 lens d 120 degreesThe #16 V2 is now available with lens D, a 120 degree lens.

Comparison video, by Tom Frank, showing the differences of lens A, B and D

808 #16 V2 lens D, 120 degree, eBay listing

120721 - #16v2 is Available - Wider lens and composite video out (no sound out)
808 #16 V2 micro cameraThe #16v2 pros and cons compared to the #16v1.
PRO - Wider angle of view, about 78 degrees.  Composite video output.  Price is still about US$40.  Exposure to a blue sky does not cause a temporary gray and yellow color shift like the #16v1.
CON - More vignetting.  Exposure tends to be a center bright area (hot spot) and dark edges.  The video-out shortens the recording time by about 10 minutes.

The #16v2 minimum firmware version is 0.35.

120723 - This link shows the circuit board differences between the #16 V1 and V2.

See the RCGroups Tom Frank #16 forum starting with message 7019

See this eBay eletoponline365 listing

Seller comment - "This package will use a new lens (we call it Lens B). With IR filter at front, the lens itself will look a little red. It got around 13% wider angle of view than the original one (Lens A)."

Tom Frank -
"The (#16v2) TV video-out function does not impact the recorded video quality... it just shortens the recording time by about 10 minutes."  Sample video comparison of  lens A and lens B.

120203 - #16 problems with class 10 flash cards
120615 See this list of problematic cards. Class 6 and 10 only

With some class 10 cards, the camera sometimes terminates the video early.  If you are an RCGroups member (free) you can search about this at the  #16 forum.  Search for "class 10".  Class 4 chards have usually been OK.

120103 - #16 Firmware, Manual, Windows Software

808 #16 Configuration Utility#16 ManualThe following link is to the 808 #16 configuration utility (Windows) by Isoprop, and the #16 manual from the manufacturer.  The configuration utility is optional, but it makes setting the #16 configuration file easy.

When available, new firmware for the 808 #16 will be posted at Tom Frank's #16 forum.  See the first 4 postings there.

111226 - #16 Reviews and Sample Videos

111226 - Techmoan in the UK has been doing YouTube reviews of the 808 cameras.  Here is his #16 review in 720p. Watch in 720p and full screen.

111228 - Bobflyman in Devon UK made this #16 unboxing and review in 720p.  Watch in 720p and full screen.

Sample Video Files
By Bobflyman in Devon UK.  Watch in 720p and full screen. - Sample Video - Sample Video - Fisheye Video - Fitting Wide Lens
By eletoponline365.  Posted by Padungsak. Watch in 720p and full screen. - Sample Video

111221 - Fake #16
 A fake #16 is being listed on eBay for US$8.99 delivered.  The title is "New Mini DVR 808 Car Key Chain Micro Camera Real HD 720P H.264 Pocket Camcorder".  The description says it is an 808 #16.  ht
The ebay policy is "We don't allow replicas, counterfeit items, or unauthorized copies to be listed on eBay.

111220 - #16 Forum
 Tom Frank has started the 808 #16 forum "The New #16 Configurable HD Key Cam" at

111220 - #16 is Available to Purchase

111220 - The #16 is now offered for sale.  Search eBay for "808 #16".    

eletoponline365 offers the following description:

Basic Specifications:

  • Brand new model of 808 Car Key Chain Micro Camera, identified by Chuck Lohrís web site as #16, and now itís available!
  • 1/4Ē CMOS WXGA HD Sensor / H.264/AVC1 DSP / Hynix 512M DDR2
  • Rechargeable LIPO Battery (250mah), with Battery Charger Manage IC
  • Video: 720P HD H.264/AVC1 video codec, 1280 x 720 30fps .mov
  • Photo: JPG 1280*960 (no degrading by upsizing to interpolated "5 megapixel" size)
  • microSD card slot, supports up to 32GB (memory card not included), suggest using Class 4 or above
  • USB2.0, plug and play, easy connection with computers, no driver needed.
  • Super mini size, only around 50mm (L) x 32mm (W) x13mm (H)
  • Super light-weighted: only approx 17g!
  • Multifunctioned, you can use it as a mini DVR, a camera, a webcam, a removable USB drive.


Whatís special about this new 808 #16 camera?

1. A connector added for the internal battery, making it changeable by users who donít like soldering. You donít have to throw your camera away when the battery dies. You just need a new battery and change it!

2. A connector added to the lens/sensor module, make it possible to replace or upgrade it when new module's available.

3. New Lens and totally new circuit board design. You will see below improvements in video:

   - Overall sharpness: improved

   - White balance control / color shifting issue: improved

   - Saturation / and contrast boost issue: colors look much more natural now

   - Darker corner/edge vignetting issue: improved

4. Low battery buzzing artifact in video -Gone!

5. You only need one Standard USB Data cable for charging and data exchange with your computer. You donít need another special charging cable to record videos while charging. Just one cable is OK.

6. It supports audio volume control, and you can even get it mute to save battery and helps to increase the recording time when the audio is not needed, it can be set by TXT config tool.

7. It supports optional Loop Recording, it can be set by TXT config tool.

8. You can set the date and time (white much smaller on the lower left corner), and toggle the date/time stamp on or off, by TXT config tool.

9. Sometimes you may donít want 720P recording to save battery and memory card capacity, now you can toggle video output frame size from 1280x720 30fps (default), to 848x480 30fps, or 640x480 30fps.

10. Optional AVI output: we also have another firmware option available which will output .AVI file format, using the same H.264 codec, and it offers seamless recording (there is no lost video between clips). If you need it, please send a message to us, and we will send it to you by email.

11. And more. Please find more details in the PDF manual. And of course on RC Forum Tom Frankís great thread, you will find lots of helpful information there.

111126 - #16 First Report, Not Available Yet
The 808 developers of the #11 are working on an improved version in China that will be called the #16.  Tom Frank, the founder of the #11 forum, is doing extensive design verification for the developers, which will make this the best 808 camera ever.

The MOV file video is 1280x720, H.264, 6500Kbps.  The audio is 512Kbps, 32000Hz, 16 bit. - begin at message #7942.  This starts the discussion about the #16. - What might be in the #16. - video comparison of the #11 and prototype #16.

The 808 #16 is still being developed and is not available to purchase.

808 #16 prototype comparison to #11
By Tom Frank - Video comparison of #11 and #16 prototype.

808 #16 battery side
By Tom Frank - Battery side of #16 V1.  First 808 camera to have a battery connector.

808 #16 Button side
By Tom Frank - Button Side of #16.


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