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 808 Car Keys Micro Camera Review
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Extending the Camera Flat Cable

130806 - Mobius Actioncam Extension Cable
Mobius Camera Module Extension Cable

Uses a 26 pin 0.5mm pitch connector.
2 inch, 5cm
8 inch, 20cm

130616 - 808 #26 Extension Cable Test
I was able to successfully extend the 808 #26 flat cable with the eletoponline365 15 inch cable.

Uses a 24 pin 0.5mm pitch connector.
See link

130613 - 808 #16 Extension Cable Test
 I was able to successfully extend the 808 #16 flat cable with the eletoponline365 30 inch cable.

Uses a 24 pin 0.5mm pitch connector.

110208 - Extending the Camera Module Flat Cable
The internal camera module (compact camera module (CCM)) has a flat cable connector.  It might be socketed or soldered to the 808 PWB.  It is either 26, 24 or 16 pin.  The pitch has been 0.5 or 0.65 mm.

#3, #15 - 24 pin, pitch 0.65 mm, cable width 16.25mm, soldered

#16, #18, #26 - 24 pin, pitch 0.5mm, cable width 12.5mm, bottom connected, compression socket

Mobius - 26 pin, pitch 0.5 mm, top connected
130604 - The producer of the #16 is a selling a cable that will extend the internal camera module flat cable.  It is available in lengths from 2" to 30".

Other links
CMOS Ribbon Cable Extension with "plug union" method
OV9712 Sensor Extension
#16 OV9712 Sensor Extension
110208 - KipKay created a YouTube video "Sneaky Snake Spy Cam" that describes extending the camera module 24 pin flat-cable using three multi-wire cables.  Those wires are extremely small.  I don't know where that cable can be bought.  I know that 24 wires of "Kynar insulated wire-wrap wire" makes a bundle about 3mm in diameter.  It might be possible to use varnish coated magnet wire if the wires are 30 gauge or smaller.  There is typically data and clocks at about 24 MHz on these wire, so the wires might need to be arranged to minimize coupling.
2010 Sep 28 - Roger in the UK gave the following thorough reply to this issue.

I've just read your piece about extending the camera module of the 808's. I would like to recommend that at present this is not a very good idea. I am a highly experience soldering technician, with over 13 years of repair work on mobile phones for company NEC. I have also done similar work for one of the worlds largest contract manufacturer, Cellistica so I can say I do know a bit about what I am talking about.

The reason I say it is not a good idea is because the solder contact pads on the module ribbon are very fragile when a heat is applied to them and lift off extremely easy if there is too much weight put on the pad (like a soldered bit of wire). This is because the actual PCB track is sandwiched between the ribbon layers BUT the solder contact pad is just heat glued in place at the end off the ribbon. This is ok when a heat is applied across the full length of the ribbon in equal heat and pressure but for us hobbyists, we have to use the single point of a soldering iron, or if lucky enough, have a special solder tip head with the correct attachment on it. Weller make such tips.

Now if the thickness of the wire that is to be soldered onto the ribbon cable is too thick, the weight of it will pull the solder pad off the ribbon cable. I know because I have tried and damaged 2 camera modules already. The cable has also pulled some of the solder pads off the actual 808 pcb as well. The only publicly available cable so far I have found which even comes close to achieving an extended camera module is cable from a 4 wire telephone cable and that still is not good enough (wires cut to make 21 cables is alot of weight on that ribbon cable) anything else is to heavy and just pulls off the solder pads. I have as jet not found any alternative cable small enough that is available to the public but my search continues.

The only option I can think of at the moment is to provide some sort of clamping method of the cables while I am soldering, then to add support to the camera ribbon cable once the soldered wires are in place, but that is a big gamble because the only thing holding those solder pads in place is the strength of the now weakened glue while I am moving the module about. Like I said, I have already damaged 2 units and I consider myself an extremely high soldering professional so I dread to think what might happen with less experienced people and the more that get damaged is more loss in my and others financial pocket. A very expensive project if you ask me, but I'm still trying, am on my 4th unit now.

2010 Sep 23 - I am requesting that someone try to extend the camera module flat cable.  Send me the results and I will report it.  I would like to try about 0.3 and 1.0 meter (12 and 36 inches).

808 camera, camera module flat cableI have received email asking if this can be done.  How long could the cable be before there would be propagation delay problems? There are two 24 mHz clocks on the #3 camera cable.

I know that 21 of the 24 pins are used on my #3 camera. Other camera versions might use more or less pins.

IDE 80 pin flat cableThere are 24 solder contacts on each side of the flat cable.  The 24 pins span 15 mm wide, so the pitch is 0.625 mm (5/8 mm). It would be best to find a 0.625 mm pitch flat cable that could be soldered directly.

A common 80 wire IDE disk drive cable seems to be the same pitch. But that would require tedious insulation stripping and soldering of 21 wires at both ends and microscopic soldering skills. Also the IDE insulation is probably not heat tolerant since it is not designed to be soldered.

If someone has a source for flat cable with a 0.625 mm pitch, please email me the source.

120204 - Extending the Camera Module with Magnet Wire
Here is an 808 #14 camera endoscope project that extends the camera module cable using 24 magnet wires (varnished copper wires).  It also uses an external battery to power an added LED.

By connecting the camera in USB webcam mode the reliability of the soldering can be verified and displayed in real time.

I have lost the source and attribution of these photos.
808 Car Keys Micro Camera Endoscope Project 808 Car Keys Micro Camera Endoscope Project
808 Car Keys Micro Camera Endoscope Project 808 Car Keys Micro Camera Endoscope Project


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