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12 January 2010

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This page is an English translation of a Chinese website "readerme.com".
This website has updated software for various types of micro cameras, including the #1 808 car keys micro camera, which here is called the 611.

The original Chinese content is at readerme.com and readerme software downloads

Q and A
Will this software work with my camera?  I don't know.
Are there any viruses in this software?  I don't know.
Why isn't my camera shown here?  I don't know.
I installed the driver from here and now my camera or my PC does not work.  What can I do?  I don't know.

Platform Software for AK3671B
no photo CX503S Thick pen 503S_v1.03 30

Platform Software for AK36361B

AK36361B platform software and AK3225 platform software flash Support List

AK36361B Platform PC Camera Driver
cx503 Coarse pen 503_V1.07  
cx601 Small pen 601_V1.17 601 (audio & video) manual V01
cx602 Chewing gum 602_V1.17  
cx606 mp3 recording pen 606_V1.08 606 instruction manual V02.doc
cx607 Watches 607_VGA_V1.15  
no photo cx608 Voice-activated gum 608_VGA_V1.06 608 voice-activated gum functional specification V01.doc
cx609 Button chewing gum 609_V1.14 609 with fine pen 601 functional specification. Doc
cx611 Key Chain 611_V1.06 Car keychain 611 features manual. Rar


Ultra-fine pen 613_V02  
cx618 Apple clip 618_V03 618 feature uses manual V01.doc

CX APPLE618 assembly BOM. Xls
cx621 Ceremony clip 621_V1.01  
cx615 Clip 615_V1.05 615 instruction manual V03.doc

Platform Software for AK3225

K3225 Platform PC Camera Driver
no photo cx702
Chewing gum 902_VGA update V1.08

Coarse pen 703V3_VGA updated to V2.25

Miscellaneous  Files
Thick pen short by a long press video camera manual. Doc

Chewing gum with a camera manual V03.doc

Thick pen or a watch with a camera manual. Doc

Function Manual

Analysis of Maintenance Frequently Asked Questions


Bulk Copy Format Tool

Updated tools:  Update Tool V2.0 (Chinese Version) Update Tool V2.0 (English) Update Tool V2.0 (Japanese version)

706 No software specified