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Mobius Actioncam
Mobius ActioncamMobius Actioncam, Released 2013 Jun 27
The Mobius Actioncam, Video, MOV H.264, (1080p, 720p) 30FPS, 720p 60FPS. Photos JPG 3.5MP. No up-scaling. Features time lapse photo mode. Features auto record on external power. It is like an 808 camera but in a slightly larger and heavier (39g) package. The Mobius and the 808 #16 have the same producer.

131120 Updated Links
Instruction manual.  Msetup program.  Latest firmware.  By Isoprop.
Forum - The Mobius ActionCam Support Thread
(Posts #1-#8 mandatory reading!)
Forum - The Mobius ActionCam ***Owners Thread***
eBay seller search
List of vendors verified by the Mobius producer
Sample Pre-release video
Techmoan's Mobius page with downloadable raw video.
Producers Website

Mobius Q & A - Questions and Answers
Q. Recorded at 720p and 60FPS, can the file be played back slow motion at 0.5 speed (30 FPS)?
A. Yes and No.   The MOV contains 60 frames per second and parameters in the file specify 60FPS playback. So, the file will normally playback at 60FPS (1X speed video and audio). 
However, some players can play back slow or fast. 
VLC & WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER - will playback at various speeds so at 0.5X the video will play at 0.5X speed (30fps) slow motion and the audio will also be at 0.5X speed but the frequency is corrected (not one octave lower). 
KMPLAYER  - can playback at 0.5X but on my computer the video is not smooth (jerky), it starts and stops while playing.
HANDBRAKE - if the file is re-encoded to MP4 30FPS, Handbrake discards every other original frame so the resultant video and audio plays at 1X speed, probably not what you wanted.

130916 - Wide angle Mobius - Pre-order
Mobius Wide Angle Photo by JooVuuThe producer of the Mobius will be selling a 116 degree horizontal angle of view (HAOV) version.
Example, pre-orders taken here.
Photo by JooVuu.

130806 - Mobius Camera Module Extension Cables
Mobius Extend Cable
Connector is 26 pin, 0.5mm pitch.

130708 - Tom Frank's Mobius vs #16, and Techmoan's Review

Mobius Standard Lens vs #16 Lens D AOV Comparison from tomfrank on Vimeo.

Mobius review techmoan
Mobius Review by Techmoan

Mobius Objective Data
All metrics are subject to change
Video and Photos - No up-scaling.  No aspect ratio distortion when files are displayed with square pixels.

Video File Path, example - DCIM\100HDDVR\REC_0001.MOV

Summary -
1920x1080, 30 FPS, MOV format.  Horizontal angle of view is about 87 degrees (wide angle).  File data rate is about 120 MB per minute.  The audio is 512 Kbps PCM sampled at 32kHz.  It seems that key-frames are every 15 frames because "SolveigMM Video Splitter" will cut only on 15 frame boundaries.
Info from KMPlayer for a short outdoor-light clip:
Container -  MOV   Format : MPEG-4       Format profile : QuickTime       Codec ID : qt        Overall bit rate : 15.7 Mbps. 
Video Stream- Format : AVC, Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec, Format profile : High@L4.1, Format settings, CABAC : Yes, Format settings, ReFrames : 1 frame, Format settings, GOP : M=1, N=15, Codec ID : avc1, Codec ID/Info : Advanced Video Coding, Bit rate : 15.0 Mbps, Width : 1 920 pixels, Height : 1 080 pixels, Display aspect ratio : 16:9, Frame rate mode : Constant Frame rate : 30.000 fps, Color space : YUV, Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0, Bit depth : 8 bits, Scan type : Progressive Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.242, Language : English, 
Audio Stream - Format : PCM, Format settings, Endianness : Little, Format settings, Sign : Signed, Codec ID : sowt, Bit rate mode : Constant, Bit rate : 512 Kbps, Channel(s) : 1 channel, Sampling rate : 32.0 KHz, Bit depth : 16 bits, Language : English
Sample Recording Length:  Outdoor light stationary, 3.89E9 Bytes, 33m39s.

Photo File Path, example - DCIM\100HDDVR\IMAG0001.JPG

Photo - 3.5MP JPG, 2304x1536, Aspect ratio 1.5, Aspect distortion, none.  Example outdoor/indoor file size will depend on the subject compression: 977 KiB/616 KiB.
Info from MKPlayer for an outdoor-light photo - Format : JPEG, File size : 977KiB, Image Format : JPEG, Width : 2 304 pixels, Height : 1 536 pixels, Color space : YUV, Chroma subsampling : 4:2:2, Bit depth : 8 bits, Compression mode : Lossy, Stream size : 977 KiB (100%)

130710 Updated
- The Angle Of View measured empirically.  I used this method: I set a long tape measure on the ground and took images at a distance of 34 inches.  I used the math on this page to calculate the AOV.  For reference, a 50mm lens for 35mm film has a horizontal angle of view of about 40 degrees.
Mobius AOV (Angle Of View), rounded to 1 degree. Firmware v0.34
Mode FPS Lens Note Aspect
Subject width at distance 34 inch
Equivalent 35mm film lens mm
1920x1080 video
1280x720 video
30 A Uses the maximum possible width (but not the full height) so it has the maximum horizontal AOV 1.78 65 inch 87
(some measure 85)
1280x720 video 60 A Uses a smaller area in the middle of the image sensor, so the AOV is proportionally less
1.78 30.25 inch 48
(some measure 46)
2304x1536 photo   A Uses the maximum possible size so it has the maximum AOV 1.5 Same as 1080p video      
1080p video
720p video
30 B Source Tom Frank 1.78   About 116

720dp 60 B Source Tom Frank 1.78   About 63      

130620 - Mobius Actioncam
 Mobius Adapter
Adapter and 1/4-20 brass part
 Mobius Adapter
 Mobius Adapter
Mobius Actioncam Lens Cap
With lens cap

This information was removed either because it applies to older pre-release firmware, or it is not correct.

Removed because this method of AOV measurement does not work for a fisheye lens.
AOV - The angle of view measured empirically, using this method.  At 36", a landscape 11"x8.5" sheet of paper is about 464 pixels wide, in both 720p video mode and 2048x1536 photo mode.  This might mean that 720p uses the cropped center of the image sensor.  I don't understand why the photo mode has the greatest horizontal pixel count, but 1080p video mode has the widest AOV. Needs an explanation.
Mobius AOV - Angle Of View
Actual and rounded
8.5x11 at 36"
portrait width
Horizontal Vertical Diagonal Equivalent
35mm film
lens mm
1920x1080 video 394px 73.34, 73 41.25, 41 84.14, 84 24.18, 24
1280x720 video 464px 45.71, 46 25.71, 26 52.44, 52 42.71, 43
2048x1536 photo 464px 67.99, 68 51.00, 51 84.99, 85 26.69, 27

Removed because this applies to pre-release firmware.
Mobius AOV (Angle Of View), rounded to 1 degree. FPS Aspect
Subject width at distance 34 inch
Equivalent 35mm film lens mm
2048x1536 photo
pre-release firmware
  1.33 55 inch 78


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