Here is the typical user manual for what I call the #5 camera (#2 variant).

 Characteristics include  Photo  Video  Audio
blue LED
external micro SD card
date time set (example 2010 Mar 08 15:59,
     Y or N for date time stamp) is like
     timerset.txt, 20100308155800 Y
STK02N webcam driver
Syntek processor
Claim is that the date time stamp can be disabled
1600x1200 720x480
30.000 FPS
white video date time stamp lower right
8 bit, 8000 Hz, 64kbps

Errata - Video resolution of  720 x 480.   formats such as: "20090909090909 Y"

 C5 Instruction Manual C5 Instruction Manual 
 C5 Instruction Manual  C5 Instruction Manual