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 808 Car Keys Micro Camera Review
hope it can help your life safe and happiness

#4 Camera
The #4 is one version of the 808 car keys micro camera.

Table of Contents
#4 Camera Report
#4 Instruction Manual

2010 Jan 06 - #4 Camera - First Report - HD ??? 1280x960 ???
#4 camera box, and camera
#4 camera

I received email about an 808 car keys micro camera described as: "Mini DV - This is the first keyring type HD camera in the world".  I have a sample video file and a sample photo file from this camera.

CON - The HD claims for this camera seem to be fake.  The native resolution of the internal camera assembly is probably 640x480 and is upconverted in the AVI file to HD 1280x960.  Photos seem to be upconverted from 640x480 to 3264x2448.  This AVI video produced by this #4 camera suffers from a very high duplicate frame rate that results in jerky video motion. 
PRO - In spite of this fakery, this camera offers a few unique features not found in some other camera versions:
● the ability to enable or disable the video date time stamp
● the camera can record video for a long time.  At 50 minutes it stops and starts another recording.  This avoids the 4GB files size limit.
● there is an audio recorder mode
● the AVI video and JPG photo aspect ratio (1.33) is not distorted
● there is a webcam driver

Flash Memory - Available with either internal flash chip or external micro SD flash card. 
Three modes - video recorder, still photo camera, audio recorder.  To distinguish the 3 modes, a red and blue LED is used.
Video date time stamp - can be enabled or disabled.  The stamp looks like the date time stamp of a #2 camera. 
To enable or disable the date time stamp you create a time.txt file with one of these lines in it:
2009.01.01 12.00.00 Y
2009.01.01 12.00.00 N
Webcam driver available:   yes, untested.
Charger: included.
Long time recording feature - If the video recording gets to 50 minutes, the camera closes the AVI file and starts another video. This prevents the camera from running into the 4GB FAT32 file system limit, and allows for very long video recording, assuming you don't run into a flash memory limit or a battery limit.
Example #4 Sellers (look for 1280x960 video): eBay hofasionshop 4GB and 8GB.  This Wholesaler will sell to you if you ask for an invoice and pay by PayPal.

: AVI MJPG 1280x960
Picture: JPG

:  I now think that the native resolution is probably 640x480.  Based on a sample video the native resolution is greater than 640x480, probably 960x720, or might be 1280x960.  Needs more research. 
Photo:  The native 640x480 resolution is upconverted to a 3264x2448 JPG file (8 megapixels).
AVI file: MJPG codec, 1280x960, 31.78 FPS, 66% duplicate frame rate (One second sampled from a test video has 32 frames, 11 are unique frames and 22 are duplicate frames).
AVI data rate: One test file measured 58 million bytes per minute.  About the average of a #2 camera.
Internal:  The CPU is potted to the circuit board so there is no identification on it. The circuit board has a 4GB flash chip.  At manufacturing time a micro SD card adapter can be used in place of the flash chip.  So this camera could be sold with either internal or external flash memory.
Audio: mono, PCM, 24000, 8 bit
Chips used: 8 megabyte SDRAM chip OKI, D56V62162J-75 4x1Mx16, 4GB NAND flash chip, MT29F32...

#4 sample photo
#4 camera video frame, 1280x960.  Click for full size.

#4 sample photo
#4 camera video frame, 1280x960.  Click for full size.
#4 sample photo
#4 camera video frame, 1280x960.  Click for full size.
#4 tear down photo
#4 camera tear down showing two LEDs, camera assembly, 24 pin camera connector, power switch, mode switch and 8MB SDRAM.  Click for full size.
#4 tear down photo
#4 camera tear down showing  potted CPU (black blob), microphone, USB connector and 4GB flash memory chip.  Note that below the 4GB chip there are solder pads for the optional internal micro SD  connector.  Click for full size.
#4 camera photo
#4 camera photo 3264x2448.  Click for full size.


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