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#3 Camera Mod by Sven H. - Periodic Photos - Time Lapse Video

#3 Camera Time Lapse Mod
Finished construction box enclosure
Sven H. from Sweden has created a great mod with his #3 camera that produces some rather dramatic time lapse videos.

#3 Camera Time Lapse Mod
Construction box showing batteries, PIC micro
and #3 camera.
Using a PIC micro, photos are taken at long intervals, then arranged in a time lapse video.  For example, one photo is taken every 100 seconds, the photos are arranged in a video and played at 20 photos per second.  This compresses time 2000:1.  One day produces a video of 864 photo frames which plays in 43 seconds.

The mod also deals with limited power.  An external lithium ion battery is used and for every photo the camera is powered on, a photo is taken, and the camera is powered off.  The PIC micro controls the power and mode buttons.

Here are some of Sven's time lapse YouTube videos.

Baltic Festival Karlshamn Sweden Main Square
Baltic Festival Karlshamn Sweden Drottninggatan

Baltic Festival Karlshamn Sweden Main Stage

Time lapse of street view
Sven's Periodic #3 Camera Mod2010 July 30 - I'm done with preliminary tests and I found something interesting.

The camera takes longer and longer to start with more image files stored, my guess is that the camera reads through the entire file index each time it starts. This resulted in buggy operation for my cameras since I only gave it a couple of seconds to start up before trying to take pictures, it did work for a couple of days before having any trouble however.

Sven's Periodic #3 Camera Mod
Construction box showing batteries, PIC micro and #3 camera.
2010 July 2 - 2nd prototype - Here is all the material including Eagle CAD files.  I can't include the C code for the PIC since it's on another computer and I don't have access to that right now.

I have used a PIC16F631 and an analog switch to create a very small circuit to allow me to take periodic pictures with the 808 camera.  I needed the analog switch to "push" the buttons since the power button had an unreliable voltage on one pin, it was tied to VCC only when the camera was on. There is nothing special with the 631 PIC except it's cheap and I had a tube left over from a previous build.

The camera is meant to be stuck on a light pole with magnets and take periodic pictures for a very long time, that's why I needed the huge battery pack.  The pack will drive the camera for about 3.5 days constantly, but I can make it last a lot longer than that if I turn it off between pictures.

The rotary encoder on the control panel is to tell the PIC how long to wait between pictures.

Eagle CAD files: timelapse2.0.sch,, timelapse2.0.brd

2010 June 25 - 1st prototype -  I just finished with the first prototype of the time lapse camera.

I am using 5 x 1.8Ah 18650 old laptop Lithium Ion cells for a runtime of over 3 days, and I have a small PIC and an analog switch (to "push" the buttons).

The device can conserve power by turning the camera off  between pictures.

Here is a Youtube link to a time lapse video in crummy light:

2010 June 13 -  I ordered #3 cameras in 3 batches (1, 2, 2) they all have different lens colors, first one green, second pair yellow and third pair blue.

The first 2 batches will turn off the yellow LED when done charging, the third batch will not. I may get back to you if I figure out why.

Preliminarily it seems that the third batch has added a diode in series with voltage input, and that prevents the camera from reaching the threshold that the controller chip sees as "fully charged".

Charge is "dumb", it has no regulation but just puts power into the battery until the protection circuit turns off, these batteries would provide more capacity if charged by an "intelligent" charger. Generic battery manufacturer specifications state that a battery charged in this way will have about 70% of full charge.

The camera draws about the same current independent of operation, video recording draws almost the same current as stand by, I believe the difference is that in video recording the SD card draws a tiny bit of extra power.

The camera will shut down after 30-32 seconds in stand by, this may be prevented by tapping the power button within that time frame, this is useful since i intend to take a photo every minute or so over 4 days, and I intend to use a 2GB card. I intend to implement this using a small micro controller and a couple of FETs or analog switches.

Sven time lapse schematic
Sven's time lapse mod schematic
Sven's Periodic #3 Camera Mod   Sven's Periodic #3 Camera Mod
Sven's Periodic #3 Camera Mod  Sven's Periodic #3 Camera Mod 
Sven's Periodic #3 Camera Mod   Sven's #3 mod
 Sven's Periodic #3 Camera Mod  

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