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 808 Car Keys Micro Camera Review
hope it can help your life safe and happiness

808 #25
The #25 is one version of the 808 car keys micro camera. 

Summary - Container AVI 79E6 bytes per minute.  Video MJPEG 720x480 20% missing frames.  Photos 1280x960.  Audio 128Kbps 8000 Hz samples. 

150211 808 #25 Samples
Chris sent me a video AVI sample and a photo sample.  See the C25 folder in the vault for full size samples.

C25 Video Frame Grab
808 #25 Video frame grab, daylight, 720x480, 1/2 scale.
From these samples I get these 808 #25 properties:

Container - AVI, 79E6 bytes per minutes

Video -
720x480 (1.5) Correct play aspect ratio is probably 1.33
30 FPS  
DateTime stamp is yellow on transparent, lower right, YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.
20% missing frame rate.  
Horizontal angle of view is unknown.

128 Kbps,
16 bit,
8000 Hz sampling.

808 C26 Photo Sample
808 #25 Photo, daylight, 1280x960, 1/2 scale.
Photo -
1280x960 (1.33) Aspect ratio is probably 1.33
167E3 bytes from ne sample. 

150210 808 #25
150210 - Tig from Manila reported this camera.  PWB (Printed Wiring Board) is similar to the other #25. Photos by Tig.

I recorded video with this 808. first few takes, no problem. when I replaced the tag file to edit the time stamp, I encountered a problem. it records video but it wont play. I used several players to no avail. so my question, which 808 version is this so i can start finding solutions to my problem?
808 C25 PWB 808 C25 PWB

141218 808 #25
141218 - Chris sent me this information about his 808.  I am calling it version #25.  Photos by Chris.

I have just received a camera that I bought on eBay from an outfit called jewelry-box2012.
It was sold as an 808 #16 but most certainly isn't. Nor is it any of the types listed on your site. So I thought you might be interested in it.
It looks very much like #23 but has even fewer components.  So, it is most clearly not #16, nor #23.
• The neon is orange only, never green or red. The only modes I have found are the same as #23.
• There is a TAG.TXT file with date and time but no other details. There is no other file in the root. TAG.TXT gets reset to a default of 2013-08-15 12:12:12 on flat battery.
• Video is 720 x 480 MJPEG avi files, not 1280 x 720 H.264 mov.
• Sound is 8000 samples/sec, not 32000 samples/sec
• Photos are 1280x960 but of very very poor quality, probably upscaled from 640x480. Typical filesize is 50 to 100kB.
• The camera is 3703H03 16 pin, the same as in 808 #23.
• PC board is stamped 2013/12/13
• Video and photos are datestamped in yellow in the bottom right corner YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
• One screw to hold the PC board was missing.
808 C25 PWB
808 C25. Button side.  Parts seem to be:
Unknown SOC chip (CPU, RAM, USB, SD, Audio, ...). S4 diode is usually part of the LiPo charging circuit.
808 C25 PWB
808 C25. Battery Side. Parts seem to be: 
Winbond 25X20BL 2 Megabit SPI Flash Chip (usually firmware).  One crystal (metal can).  54FK probably a 2.8V regulator SOT23 package.


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