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 808 Car Keys Micro Camera Review
hope it can help your life safe and happiness

808 #24
The #24 is one version of the 808 car keys micro camera.

Summary - Video is AVI, MJPG 720x480 30.000FPS, audio is PCM 256Kbps.  AVI is about 31MB per minute. Date time stamp is upper left, yellow on transparent.  Similar to the 808 #27.

131015 - #24 - New 808 Variant
131015 Neil reported this new 808 variant and sent me a video sample.  I'm calling it the #24.
808 #24 frame grab 200 width
Info from the video file:
Video Wrapper: AVI, about 31MB per minute form a short outdoor-light sample.
Video Stream: MJPG, 720x480, 30.000FPS.
Video Audio Stream: PCM, 256Kbps, 16Khz, 16 bit.
Video Compliance Yes: KMplayer 3.6, Windows Media Player.  Will import and export with Windows Movie Maker. 
Video Compliance No: Does not play in VLC 2.0.8.  Will import into VirtualDub but will not play, shows a corrupt chunk in the AVI file.  Will import into Handbrake, but the export video displays corrupt.
Video Date Time Stamp: Upper left, yellow on transparent, 339x19 pixels.  131015 C24 date time stamp
Video Missing Frame Rate: About 27% (22 unique frames per second on a short sample outdoor video).

131016 Neil reported:
Processor: A6259241 1318TRZ

Flash memory chip is unmarked.  Only one crystal. File dates are all over the place, but the clock is OK.

Internal camera module: DV-V08, V2.0.  Makers logo is a square with a capital D inside & inside the D is a J.  16 pin connections.

The #24 stopped responding to button presses & wouldn't turn on.
Amber LED flashes when USB power is connected
Tried the reset button. Pressed when USB connected, kept the reset pressed as the USB lead was disconnected & while USB was connected. Still unresponsive. No response whether a micro SD card is present or not.

I managed to un-brick the #24 camera by replacing the battery. Battery in a #23 was identical.
The #24 camera looks like a #22 variant on screen..
I have yet to compare my photography of this latest #24 with the image I keep of a #22.
The #24 has no identifying marks on the circuit board.
131018 Neil reported:

The #24 has the same sort of issues as I see on the #23 of clipped whites & crushed black tones.
I found that out when the weather improved.
I don't know if this sort of thing is a firmware issue or if you can correct the video.
As the video is not particularly sharp as well it isn't really worth filtering the video to adjust the tonal range.

I don't know if that clipping was any good to you in counting missing/duplicate frames.
I don't know what this particular camera represents, #22 variant or a new camera?
There won't be any more video clips. The POS died again, so it went in the trash.

It is not often you see the time-stamp at the top of the image.  
 131027 Neil provided these 808 #24 inside camera images. 
808 #24 inside
808 #24 button side, photo by Neil
 808 #24 inside
808 #24 battery side, photo by Neil

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