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 808 Car Keys Micro Camera Review
hope it can help your life safe and happiness

808 #23
The #23 is one version of the 808 car keys micro camera.

Summary - 480p video at 720x480.  Similar to the #22.  256Kbps audio.  Non-compliant AVI format.  Missing frame rate about 30% in outdoor light.

808 #23 Comments
131026 - Doug sent me these comments:

The most recent version of VLC player, 2.1.0, will play the non-standard AVI files.
If you let Windows disk-scan the 808 #23 for errors, it will automatically add the current date and time to the files.
130728 - Neil sent me this information about his 808 #23. 

I cracked it open & the board is marked "DV00H V3.5E" and has a date  2012-10-12 on it. there is only one crystal and the processor is not  encapsulated. On it is "A625981.1" and "1316TDZ". Camera module  "PG22FD086 V1.0  & date 2012-11-27.

Here are the images I took at the time of dismantling. They are large  files, but you can cut out the images of the circuit boards. It seems that the cam I reckon to be a #23 has a different processor  number and the camera module could also be different.

The problem with the video from the #23 was crushed blacks and clipped  whites in conditions with a long tonal range. I have had the same issue with a MD80. I am going to review my original camera files, but I am fairly sure the  symptom is on the recorded video & not introduced by my editing software. It is probably that the firmware just cannot cope.

So far I have not had trouble with AVI files I cannot edit. The only  video device that does give me grief is a Vivitar DVR528. With AVS Video Editor I get the red & blue components of the frames  free-floating over the frame, if the software doesn't just 'freeze' upon  being asked to deal with the files. A bit of a bitch as that camera has  a white balance issue that always comes out too cool, so I have to  correct every clip.

808 car keys micro camera #23
808 #23, photo by Neil.
808 car keys micro camera #23
808 #23, photo by Neil.

130217 - #23 Properties
Thanks to Luis in Puerto Rico who sent me internal photos and some sample AVI and JPG files.  I enumerate this camera #23.  It is similar to the #22 but has 256Kbps audio and a different parts layout.  Like the #22, it has non-compliant AVI.

The samples were taken using a class 4 generic flash card.  The Crystal Disk Mark benchmark shows compliant sequential write speed and terrible random-512K write speed, 4.378KBps and 0.678KBps, respectively.  The slow random write might be causing some problems.  I have requested some more samples with a faster card.

- No.  Does not play in VirtualDub or VLC.  Plays in Windows Media Player and KMPlayer.  The VirtualDub hex editor will not open the AVI so I can't analyze the AVI format or the chunk list.
Missing Frame Rate - The missing frame rate in two sample videos, measured by stepping in KMPlahyer, measures about 30% in daylight and about 33% in indoor light.  For comparison the 808 #3 is about 10%.
AVI data rate - The AVI data rate depends on the video lighting.  Until the AVI chunk list can be analyzed, I can't explain this. The outdoor rate is about 2.2 MBps.  Indoor is about 0.5 MBps.

MJPEG, 720x480, SAR is 1.5.  The correct DAR seems to be 1.5
Date time stamp is lower right corner, bold yellow font on transparent, format  02/27/2013 11:27:46
808 #23 date time stamp

PCM 256Kbps, 16000 Hz, 16 bit.
In one indoor video sample, the audio is very distorted (broken up) on some video players, and OK in others.  Might be an artifact of non-compliance.

JPG, 1280x1024
Date time stamp is lower right corner, bold yellow font on transparent, format  02/27/2013 11:27:46
130216 #23 Luis photo

16 pin camera module labeled 3703H03.  Most other 808 cameras use 24 pins.
Label PWB - DV006H V3.5E  2012-10-12
Label CPU - Unknown manufacturer.  A618635.1 1235 TDZ.  1235 might be date code 35th week of 2012.
Label 8-pin chip - ST 25P40V6.  Might be 4 megabit (512KB) SPI serial flash memory for firmware storage.
One crystal.  Usually two crystals are used, one to keep the clock ticking while in standby (off).  Is the date time reset in standby?
808 #23 car keys micro camera battery side
808 #23 battery side
808 #23 car keys micro camera button  side
808 #23 button side


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