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 808 Car Keys Micro Camera Review
hope it can help your life safe and happiness

808 #22 Camera
The #22 is one version of the 808 car keys micro camera.

Objective summary - 480p AVI MJPEG video camera, physically like the #19.  Missing frame rate about 27%.  AVI is non-compliant in some video players.  Supports a webcam mode.

Subjective summary - The missing frame rate is high. 

130131 - #22 review correction
Due to a measuring error, the #22 missing frame rate is not 56%. 
The correct missing frame rate in outdoor light is about 27%, and in indoor light about 33%.

The way that the #22 stores video frames into the AVI file is unique.  In the AVI many unique frames and duplicate frames are all the same size.  So size can't be used to identify duplicate frames like some other 808 versions.  In one AVI sample, except the first frame, all the frames are either 57344 or 53248 bytes ((4096*14) or (4096*13) bytes).

130118 - #22 Information
Neil in the UK bought a #22 from a UK eBay seller and reported information, photos and video.

Characteristics -
AVI MJPG 720x480 480p video.
720x480 JPG photos. 
Circuit design looks like the 808 #19 except the internal camera module is 16 pin, not 24 pin. 
Mass storage device and webcam modes. 
One crystal and no SDRAM chip.  
File names are of the form SUNP0000.avi and "SUNP0000.jpg". 
The TAG.TXT file does work to set the video and photo lower right corner date time stamp.
When the firmware does not have a frame to write to the AVI file, it re-writes the last good frame (a duplicate).

Missing frame rate in daylight  is about 56% about 27% (high).  The 808 #3 is about 10%. 
Date time stamp on the created files (the AVI and JPG files, not the video frame) is always wrong.
The AVI format seems to be no-compliant because the frames do not display in VirtualDub, but play OK in some other players.

62MB per minute - The AVI total data rate.
256Kbps PCM stereo audio - The AVI audio. 
27%  56%  outdoor light missing frame rate.  That is about 22 unique frames per second (a #3 records about 27 unique frames per second).
33% indoor light missing frame rate. 

Subjective -
Audio - The sound quality is fair.
Video -  When the camera does not have a new frame to write to the AVI file, it should write an empty frame.  Duplicating frames causes the AVI file data rate and file size to be much larger than it needs to be.  About 1/4 of the AVI file is duplicated frames.  A bad firmware design.

Webcam - The webcam mode works.  When USB connected, short-pressing the power button will alternate between webcam mode and mass storage device mode.

Internals -
Printed on the button/CPU side - "HB 2012-7-31 DU002-U1.2".
The CPU is labeled "A618322.1".
The 8 pin chip is probably a 512KB serial SPI flash memory chip that usually holds the firmware. Labeled "CH1239 25040BT CD6F05 1228".  Might be a GeneralPlus chip.  GeneralPlus, is related to SunPlus that makes the 808 #3.
808 #22 camera button side
808 #22 button side - click for full size.
808 #22 camera battery side
808 #22 battery side - click for full size.


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