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 808 Car Keys Micro Camera Review
hope it can help your life safe and happiness

#21 Camera
The #21 is one version of the 808 car keys micro camera.
It takes 640x480 MJPG video, has an Anyka
AK1120 processor and a high missing frame rate.

121215 - Another #21
Jo from northern Germany sent me these photos of his 808 #21.  The circuit board is labeled "DR_909_REV-1.0".

The LiPo battery module is labeled HBK 032030 140mAh LJ11 MY
808 #21 Camera
808 #21 Battery and Processor side
808 #21 Camera
808 #21 Button side

121106 - #21
Ken reported this version of the 808, the #21.  He bought his #21 from Amazon YorkTek.  It has been a long time since a new 808 version has used an Anyka processor, so this might be a new camera but old stock.

A sample video and photo taken by the #21 are in the C21 folder of the vault.

Circuits -
AK1120Q06403 FT01E12.  Processor Anyka.
BX 120511 G25Q80-12G TAIWAN.  8 pin chip, Bao Xin, probably a 1MB serial SPI flash memory chip that holds firmware.

AVI - 30.000 FPS.  About 46MB per minute total data rate.  The AVI is compliant and editable.
Video - AVI MJPG.  640x480.  About 32% missing frames.  Date time stamp lower right, black 880 C21 video date time stamp lower right
Audio - PCM Mono, 128Kbps (8000Hz, 16 bit)

Photos - JPG.  1280x960.  date time stamp lower right, black 808 C21 JPG date time stamp lower right

Setting the date time - Filename is time.txt and file format is    2012-11-07 17:21:00   Note the dashes, not slashes.  It matters.
(1) Download time.txt.  Copy it to the flash card root.  Power off.  Power on. 
Take a photo and verify the date time stamp displays like  2012/11/07 17:21:00.
(2) Then edit the time.txt file and repeat step 1.  If it doesn't work, your editor corrupted the file.
808 #21 car keys micro camera
808 #21 - Circuit board seems to be labeled CX-BTREV2.1


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