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 808 Car Keys Micro Camera Review
hope it can help your life safe and happiness

#2 Camera
The #2 is one version of the 808 car keys micro camera.

Table of Contents
#2 How to Open Internal Flash Socket
#2 Broken Flash Socket Pin

130703 - #2 bought in 2009
Athanassios from sunny Greece sent me these photos of the 808 #2 with internal socketed micro SD 4GB class 2 flash card.
The processor is labeled TB9010AFG.
808 car keys micro camera #2  
808 car keys micro camera #2 808 car keys micro camera #2

2010 Feb 03 - #2 Camera Failure, Broken Flash Socket Pin
I received a dead #2 camera from a camera owner.

SYMPTOM:  The camera did work, but now doesn't.  When the USB cable is connected, windows now reports: 
     One of the USB devices connected to this computer has a malfunction, and Windows does not recognize it

PROBLEM:  One of the pins in the internal micro SD flash socket has broken off.  Once broken, the camera died.  The flash card is OK.

COMMENTS:  The #2 camera uses an internal micro SD card, in an internal socket that has 8 gold plated pins. A pin was probably cracked, so the camera worked for a while.  These pins are usually made from a spring beryllium copper that can be brittle.  Any camera that uses a micro SD flash card (#2 or #3 camera) could suffer this failure.  Also, in a high vibration application (like an RC airplane) you could get some very strange results when a pin resonates, like truncated or lost AVI files if the flash card does not make good contact.

REPAIR ATTEMPT: I cut the battery wire so that I could work on replacing the broken pin with the power off.  I replaced the broken pin by soldering in its place a gold plated pin from a DIP IC.  I repaired the cut battery wire. 

REPAIR RESULT: With the flash card in or out, I still get the same Windows error when connecting the USB cable.  When the pin broke off it was not captive in the socket.  It probably rattled around inside the camera and probably shorted something out causing permanent, un-repairable damage.

Click photo for full size.

#2 camera, internal flash card, broken pin in the flash connector
#2 camera broken flash connector pin
#2 camera, internal flash card, broken pin in the flash connector

Repair part - Took a gold plated pin from a ceramic DIP IC to replace the socket pin.
#2 camera socket pin repair
Repair - #2 camera, flash card socket, soldered the DIP IC pin in place of the broken pin.

2010 Feb 03 - How to Open the Internal Flash Card Socket, #2 Camera

Step 1 Cover in the locked position.  Slide the cover to the left about 2 mm. 

Step 2 Cover in the unlocked position. 

Step 3 Lift the cover.

Step 4 Remove the flash card. 


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