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 808 Car Keys Micro Camera Review
hope it can help your life safe and happiness

#17 Camera

The #17 is one version of the 808 car keys micro camera.  It takes real 720p video but has a bad missing frame rate, takes 2MP photos, has a real 2MP (1600x1200) sensor and costs about US$16.

120822 - 808 #17 Subjective Review - Opinion
808 #17 sample frame grab
808 #17 video frame grab, click for full size

SUMMARY - Compared to all 808 versions the #17 offers these firsts:  A real 2MP image sensor.  Real HD video at less than US$20.  No up-scaling of video or photos.

The #17 takes real 720p video and 2MP photos and produces good image quality.  But, the video missing frame rate is high (bad). 

808 #17 sold by geekseaThe camera produces about 16 real frames per second and about 14 missing frame per second, the lens angle is somewhat narrow, and the shutter speed is somewhat slow.  The #17 design seems to be an attempt to use 480p technology (an under powered SOC processor and MJPEG compression) with a 2MP 720p internal camera module and the design does not produce the best result.  But for the price, it might be right for you.  The #17 is sold on eBay by geeksea.

Go to the C17 folder in the vault.

● Priced at about US$16 it is the lowest priced 808 real 720p camera.  Contrast that with the 720p #15 at about US$27 and the720p #16v2 at about US$42.
● The 2.0MP sensor produces real 1280x720 720p AVI MJPG video and 1600x1200 photos.
● The photo and video resolution is not up-scaled from the sensor resolution.  Up-scaling is common on other 808 versions.
● Video has good automatic brightness and saturation.
● The photo and video aspect ratio is not distorted.
● The video file format is fully compliant and can be played and imported with any video software that plays AVI MJPEG.
● The photo Horizontal Field Of View (HFOV) is about 44 degrees which is wider than the video and slightly more wide than "normal".

● The missing frame rate from outdoor video is about 45% (terrible). That's about 16 real frames per second at about 120MB per minute with AVI MJPEG compression.  Compare that with the #16v2 that produces 30 real frame per minute at about 50MB per minute with MOV H.264 compression.
● The video HFOV is 36 degrees, slightly more telephoto than "normal".  Most users want a wider lens.  As a comparison, the excellent #16v2 is available with multiple wide lenses from 52 to 90 degrees HFOV.    For reference, a 35mm film camera "normal" lens is about 39 degrees HFOV.
● The 8000Hz sampled PCM audio quality is only fair to poor.
● The outdoor video contrast seems high.
● The video noise is sometimes high.
● The internal camera module is soldered so the user can't replace the camera module with a different lens angle.
● The internal battery is soldered so it is not consumer replaceable.
● The webcam mode crashes after a few seconds on both Windows XP-32 and 7-32.
● Date time stamp on video and photos can't be disabled.

120818 - 808 #17 Objective Review - Just the Facts

AVI file frame rate 30.000 FPS
AVI file data rate  about 119E6 bytes per minute
AVI file problems None.  VirtualDub reported no AVI format problems.  TmpgEnc reported no import problems.
AVI file missing frame method Missing frames are stored as 0 length image chunks.  Each index table pointer points to a unique chunk.
Video sensor Claim - the sensor is an OmniVision OV2643. 1624 x 1212 sensels (2MP), 3.59 x 2.71 mm image area.
Video compression MJPEG
Video dimensions 1280x720
Video aspect ratio 16:9, 1.778
Video aspect ratio Distortion No
date time stamp
Lower right corner, white font. 
Format is 1980/10/05 15:03:52. 
262 x 24 px.
missing frame rate
about 46% in a daylight video sample.
A sample outdoor video fragment had 27 good frames and 23 missing frames.
Example missing frame map.  50 frames. "-" is good frame. "M: is missing frame)
Video horizontal FOV (Field Of View) about 36 degrees
Photo dimension 1600 x 1200
Photo Compression JPG
Photo aspect ratio 4:3, 1.333
Photo aspect Distortion No
Photo date time stamp Lower right corner, white font.  Format is 1980/10/05 15:03:52.
Photo horizontal FOV about 44 degrees
Audio PCM 8000Hz, 16 bit 128Kbps.  No noticeable audio artifacts.
Battery LiPo labeled BST 042030, 280 mAh, empirical size 4.0 x 20.8 x 31.9 mm.
Battery life TBD
Processor Anyka AK3751B.  The 808 #1 and #7 also use an Anyka processor.  The AK3751B is also used in this product.
Manual Not very useful.  Typical broken English     
Webcam, how to start  When USB connected press the mode button. Installs in Windows XP pro as a USB video device (DirectShow). Does not work as a WDM image capture device. Webcam works for about 10 seconds then the camera locks up and needs to be reset.
Webcam resolution 640x480
Webcam mode Hardware ID 04D6 E102
Mass Storage Device Hardware ID 04D6 E101

120823 - #17 internal photos
The ball-grid-array processor (SOC - System-On-Chip) is an Anyka AK3751B.
The 8 pin chip is a 0.5MB serial SPI flash memory chip, 25L4006E.  The firmware is stored there.
The 54 pin chip is an 8MB SDRAM chip, M12L64164A
808 #17 internal photos
808 #17 button side.  The camera module is soldered not socketed.
808 #17 internal photos
808 #17 battery side.  The two crystals are secured.  The battery is soldered not socketed.


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