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 808 Car Keys Micro Camera Review
hope it can help your life safe and happiness

#15 Camera
The #15 is one version of the 808 car keys micro camera.
The video is HD 720p AVI MJPG.
Sold on eBay by bestdvr.

Table of Contents

121027 - Future
It seems that there will not be new firmware for the 808 #15.

BESTDVR, the developer of the #15, is developing the #20 based on the OV9712 sensor and the Novatek processor, similar to the #16 and #18.  The availability date, price and 808 version number is unknown at this time.

Here are some functions likely to be in the #20:
1. DV video recording mode, for the 2 kinds video file of 1280x720 and 640x480, can be set by TXT file only.
2. Camera mode, 2592x1944(5.0MP), 2048x1536(3.0MP), 1280x1024(1.3MP), can be set by TXT file only.
3. independent recording sound mode.
4. motion detection mode.
5. car recorder mode, (the record file by this function is automatic loop record within the card memory, it doesn't affect other record files of other mode, 2 minutes each section.)
6. time stamp indication or close, can be set by TXT only.
7. it can adjust the sound volume, or turn off, can be set by TXT file only.
8. AV-out mode, can play back by LCD TV, also can operate all the functions with the screen display. this firmware, uses real MOV zip method and produces the suffix MOV file, it is editable, we provide extra firmware for suffix AVI file at the website, for the user who needed to download, and update to use.

120822 - 808 #15 BESTDVR Report New Firmware Soon
BESTDVR reports:

"we think the new firmware can install in #15 camera, the SunPlus company is revising the origin firmware, we will tell you the result in the next week, we will contact with you once we have a final program."

120819 - 808 #15 Still No Released Firmware Update
I have not received new released firmware for the 808 #15.  I don't know if there will be new released firmware.  Also, I don't know if is possible to update the firmware in the #15.

Before 120602 BESTDVR sent me some new test firmware.  I tried to install it but it would not install on my two #15 cameras.

On 120602 BESTDVR sent me a sample AVI from new #15 test firmware.  This firmware has not been released.  The AVI has blocks of 0% and 50% missing frames, for a total of about 20% missing frames.  Compressed frames varied from about 62000 to 126000 bytes.  When the frame size is about 115000 or larger the missing frame rate becomes 50%, and when smaller 0%.  Here is the missing frame map of the 240 frames.  "-" is a good frame.  "M" is a missing frame.

120512 - #15
BESTDVR is working on producing new firmware to try to reduce the missing frame rate.

The 808 #15 writes about 30 video frames-per-second (FPS) to the AVI file, but when it does not have a new frame it duplicates the last good frame.  Shown here is a RIFF chunk list from a #15 video clip.  Stream 0 is video frame chunks and stream 1 is audio chunks.  With MJPG compression, almost every frame is a different size because each frame compresses a different amount.

For example, note that chunk 4 and 5 are duplicates and are both 111636 bytes.  Chunk 8 is not duplicated.

808 #15 RIFF Chunk List

120506 - 808 #15 - 720p AVI MJPG
808 #15 Video Frame
808 #15, sample video frame.  Click for full size.
A camera seller in Thailand sent me information about a new 808 720p camera.  It will be version #15.

Real HD 720p 1280x720 video from a 1280x800 image sensor.
Priced midway between a #3 and a #16.
Video quality looks very good in video samples I have seen.
Video angle of view 54 degrees (wide).
Date time stamp can be enabled/disabled.
No aspect ratio distortion in AVI or JPG files.
Webcam mode works at 640x480 and sometimes at 1280x720.

High video missing frame rate of more than 35%.
High video data rate (115KBps, about 35 minutes on a 4GB SD card).
JPG images are upscaled to 5MP (2592x1944).

Image sensor - 1280x800 OmniVision OV9712 
Video - AVI MJPEG 1280x720 video.  Quality indicates a real HD sensor.  Video missing frame rate from outdoor video samples is 37% to 50%.  AVI AOV (angle of view) = 54 degrees.
● Photo - JPG 2592x1944
JPG AOV (angle of view) = 42 degrees.
● Audio - 11025Hz, 16 bit,  176 Kbps.
● Total data rate is about 115E6 bytes per minute.
● Processor is the SPCA1627A (the 808 #3 uses the SPCA1527A).
● Hardware ID of General Image Device 04FC 1628

AOV math
AVI width 1280px, paper width 11", distance 36", paper 381px.  arctan((1280*11)/(2*36*381))*2 = 54 degrees.
JPG width 2592px, paper width 11", distance 36", paper 1022px.  arctan((2592*11)/(2*36*1022))*2 = 42degrees.

See the C15 folder in the vault for the following files, some of which are more than 40 MB.
● #15 manuals written by the developer.
● #15 Sample AVI files taken with the camera.

eBay seller BESTDVR, in Shenzen Guangdong China, claims to be the manufacturer of the #15

The manual says it is the DVR 053. You can Google DVR 053 and find sellers, and sample video on YouTube.
Like most 720p MJPEG micro cameras, the image quality is very good but the missing frame rate is bad.  Maybe it will sell because of the lower price than the H.264 720p cameras. Lower quality, lower price.  Even at a higher price the 720p H.264 #16 is a better value.  It is sad to see a camera that has such good image quality have such a bad missing frame rate.  The processor is under-powered for HD.  Anything less than 30 real FPS is hard to watch due to the jerky video.
808 #15 camera
808 #15.  Photo by


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